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     Angels and Miracles

I always pray and meditate each day usually several times a day.  I always ask for protection.  I work to develop my spiritual gifts.

About twenty years ago I escaped from a fire in an apartment building.  It was an amazing experience and a true miracle for me.

I lived in a two- story apartment building on the lower level.  The owner of the apartments had decided not to repair the sliding glass doors on my side of the building.   He said that he would repair them the following year.  So I could not open the sliding glass doors.  That meant that there was only one way out to the outside and that was through the front door of my apartment that opened into a entry hall that led to the outside door of the building.

So in order to go outside you had to go through the front door of the apartment and walk down the hallway to the main door.   My apartment was about 1000 feet or so away from the outside door and to find the outside door you had to turn a corner in the hallway;  it was not straight path to the door.

I had received a psychic warning from my Native American guide about a disaster that was going to happen at the apartment complex and that I should move.  I did not have the money to move. Of course, I wondered if I received the warning correctly so I did not move.  

Several weeks later I saw an angel.  The angel was standing in front of me as if protecting me.  The angel was masculine- looking with long, pale, blonde hair and white large wings.  He wore a simple white gown with a golden sash.  He was very powerful looking but beautiful and loving.

It was a cold November night.  I had seen the angel again before I went to bed.  As I lay in bed, I saw clairvoyantly my grandmother and my father both of whom were in Spirit, talking together standing in front of me.  I could feel their love and support and protective energy.  I kept feeling something was about to happen. But whatever it was, seeing my grandmother and father, I knew that I was going to be okay.   But I did not know that it would be a fire.

Then a few hours later I was awaken by the sound of yelling in the hall outside my door. It was a young man yelling and pounding on the door of the apartment across from my apartment—he was trying to awaken his friend who lived in the apartment.  There was a fire in the apartment and it was spreading.  I got out of bed and opened the door and there was thick smoke engulfing the hallway.  Overcome by smoke, the young man left. 

I called 911.  I threw on some clothes and grabbed my purse and my car keys.   I walked out unprotected into the hallway.  I shut the door.  I was shaken and stunned.  I was breathing.  I did not have anything over my face. Everything seemed surreal. The smoke was so thick I really could not see anything ahead of me.  As it turned out no one else was in the hallway.  There was no one to help me.

Somehow I made it to the outside door without wandering into one of the other apartments.  When I touched the door I had to go on faith that it was the outside door the smoke was so thick.  I reached the outside door and opened the door and looked back and flames were coming down the carpet right behind me.  I screamed.  I had enough breath to scream.   I was not coughing or choking.  I got out just in time before I would have been engulfed in flames.

The fire truck arrived and the firemen tried to desperately put out the fire.  It was a four-alarm fire.

I did not realize at the time how protected I had been.  I walked down to a restaurant nearby that the manager of the restaurant had opened for the survivors of the fire which was very kind of her.

I called my mother, and my stepfather and mother came and got me, and I spent what remained of the night and the next day at their home.

When we arrived at mother’s house it was about 4 am.  I went to bed.  As I lay in bed, above me I could see about four angels who appeared to be slowly flying in a circle.  They had small golden wings but not so small that the wings looked out of proportion with their body.  They wore white gowns with a golden sash and their hair was blonde. They looked feminine.  I know people say that angels are androgynous and maybe some are.  But these angels looked feminine.  They looked young but they were not glamorous young women like many portray angels.   The angels I saw were beautiful but simply dressed.  They looked very similar to each other.

I was surrounded in tremendous love.  With my clairaudience, I could hear someone singing  acapella "You will never walk alone."   It was very beautiful.   There was a very powerful vibration of love and healing in the room.

Then I saw a figure in white pass through the door and walk over to the bed.  He stood at the end of the bed. His clothes were white and shimmering--a beautiful, silvery, white color.  It was a man who held a staff and the style of clothes that He had on were similar to the style that Christ had worn on earth except without the shimmering silvery white color.  But this man's appearance reminded me of the transfiguration in the Bible.

It reminded me how the Bible describes Jesus at the transfiguration when Jesus spoke to Moses and Elijah--Moses and Elijah had been long passed into Spirit land or heaven, and yet Jesus spoke with them.  The Bible describes Jesus-- his raiment was white as the light.

I suddenly realized that it was Jesus standing at the foot of my bed.  He stood there for several minutes and then turned and left passing through the door.

It was a magnificent healing experience.  

I went to the doctor several days later just to get checked out even though I had no symptoms of coughing or choking and my lungs felt normal.  I felt fine.  I did not have any nightmares or lasting traumas from the experience because I had received a healing from Jesus that night after the fire.

The doctor was amazed that I was still alive.  He said that people normally drop like stones when they were in such a situation as I was in.  They usually wander into the wrong room because they become disoriented due to smoke inhalation and toxic fumes that have ill effects on the brain.  He said my lungs were fine and that I would not suffer the health repercussions that normally one has after breathing in that much smoke and toxic fumes from things burning inside the building.  Sometimes the effects do not show up until several years later.  My lungs are fine.  I was not disoriented during the fire or after.  I felt no smoke in my mouth, in my nose or any burning sensation in my lungs as I walked out of the burning building.  I am still amazed over it but very grateful.  How my angel friends protected me as I walked through the smoke I do not know.  But they did.

Thank you God for angels, my loved ones who acted as angels, my Spirit guides and for Jesus the Christ-- the greatest healer of all.  For me this was a true miracle.  

I lost most of what I owned in the fire but my Spirit guidance had guided me to purchasing renter's insurance several years earlier which I was very grateful that I had.  So I was able to rebuild my life. 

I, also, learned that my premonitions can be very accurate so I have learned to listen to them.  But because God is gracious and kind, He still helped me even though I ignored the warning.  He knew that I could not move at that time but because I had been meditating and praying for help and protection, He sent His angels to protect me.  I am very grateful.

What we call miracles still happen.  When you pray to God and ask for protection, Jesus the Christ sends the Spirit guides, loved ones and guardians and angel friends to help you in every way.  Remember like the angelic being who sang to me--you never walk alone.  You are loved.