​​​New Era Church


We believe that each animal has a beautiful Spirit which lives on after the animal passes away.  Each animal is unique and has its own personality which survives death.  At those special moments under the protection from God, we can feel the beautiful Spirit of our animal friend who has passed on.

We love cats and dogs and all animals.  We pray for them so that one day animal cruelty will no longer exist.

One of our cats, Sunshine, in the window of the historic hotel.


Established in 1873

Dear Friends-- my wonderful dog and precious cat,

Even though I called you my pets I always thought of you as dear friends who were with me in times of joy and happiness--who shared the moments of peace and playfulness--who shared the nap times and play times and meal times even though you were not supposed to beg.

When I needed a friend, really needed one, you were there with those beautiful eyes looking right at me and showing me such unconditional love as if you understood that I was in pain and distress.

Even when no one would help when I had cancer or understood when I lost my job and went through a divorce--you were there cuddled up by my side when I was too sick or to depressed to get out of bed.   You were always happy to see me when I arrived home tired out from looking for a job --looking for a way to feed all of us.  You helped me out of my depression as you seem to say when I reached down to pet you and you responded with such enthusiasm to feel my hand on your fur, "Its going to be alright. Don't give up.  We love you."

And somehow it all worked out.  You helped to make it work out by giving me the love that gave me the courage to go out and face the world again.

My beautiful, loving animal friends.  My true friends.

Now you are in your heavenly home just beyond my reach.  But I know you are here with me sometimes--sitting beside me. Sometimes I swear I can hear your bark or hear that gentle purring.

And at night when I say my prayers I know God sends you back for a visit.  Once again there you are friendly, healthy, loving and young again and for a few moments we touch in love.  But I know one day we will be together again when I go to my home in Spirit land when I leave this earth with my Spirit body.

But until then I thank God for the times that I can feel your Spirit near and I know in my heart, in my soul that God has His angels watching over you.  XOXO