Established in 1873

  ​​​New Era Church

Classes at New Era Church

If you wish to attend a class at New Era Church please call New Era church at 503 263-7252 or email newerachurch@canby.com to signup. There is a $10 donation for the class.

Inspirational Books For The New Year

​Marie Friend is the auhor or three books--"The Church" an novel on finding your spiritual healing and renewal, "Star" a novel on reincarnation" and "Dreams--Mirrors of Your Soul" a self-help book on dream interpretation.

Marie Friend was born and raised in England and was a part of a family that considered anything paranormal to be normal.  Her maternal great-grandmother was a Welsh gypsy and Marie was born with a "caul."  Medically, this is a thin membrane (veil) that at birth covers the face of the child.  The attending doctor removes it.  European Folklore believes that a person who is born with a "caul" is psychic.  For over twenty years, Marie has conducted workshops on reincarnation--dreams--and any paranormal subject that she has been asked to discuss, but reincarnation is her favorite topic.

On several occasions, Marie has been a guest on the popular Northwest TV program "AM Northwest" and has, also, appeared on their afternoon show "Afternoon Alive."   You can purchase Marie's books at her website mariefriend.com.

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On this page we have the calendar of events, and a list of inspirational books that you may like, and information about the classes at New Era Church.  

The Service starts at 10:30 a.m.

The above photos are of  the chapel and historic hotel at New Era Church where church services, classes and events are held.  The chapel is at one end of New Era Church grounds and the historic hotel is across the property from the chapel on New Era Church grounds.  

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We invite you to our Sunday services and events and classes at New Era Church, a Christian Spiritualist church and the oldest Spiritualist church in the US.  We would love to see you here.  May God's blessings be with you and the Spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit guide and protect you.