The path of the soul is the path to the real you.  Like the leaven hid in three measures until the whole of it was filled.  Leaven rises.  Through loving and turning to God, you are growing spiritually.  The pieces of the puzzle do come together and you are changed.  In finding God, man will find himself for the temple of God is within himself.  

Do you remember a time when you have done something good--well that is just the tip of the iceberg!  You do not realize the great potential in you.  When you work with love you are growing the Christ seed in you.

It is through your own life experiences and asking for help that truth and understanding and manifestations come.  

The Christ seed is in everyone--and life--your life right here on earth is the soil for the Christ seed to grow in.

There are many moments in life that you may not like, but it is the perfect environment for the Christ seed to grow in.

How to touch with God?  Gratitude.  Thank God for life.  It is important to give thanks for the help that is there for you when you are going through  a storm.   Feeling appreciation lifts your vibration and that puts you in a higher frequency and out of worry and into faith.

Do what is in front of you with love.  The more you work with God you are in His vibration through the law of attraction--therefore, the more that God works in you and through you.

Toss Worry Aside and Work with God to Bring Happiness and Joy into your Life

(from a lecture given by Rev. Carol Dosch on Sunday March 12)

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