REVEREND BARBARA BAKER is a minister, teacher and lecturer of New Era Church.  She has been since she was a child clairvoyant.  Her grandmother was the celebrated medium, Rev. Anita Rutter who was also a minister at New Era Church.


Established in 1873

  ​​​New Era Church


REVEREND CAROL DOSCH, medium, teacher, reader is an ordained minister of New Era Church.

Carol has enjoyed teaching spiritual developmental classes for those just beginning their spiritual journey and shares the help she gratefully received during her own forty year journey.  Her classes are fun and very enjoyable.

Carol gives well-received and uplifting guided meditations at the Sunday service and in classes.  Carol's readings are guided spiritually, accurate and evidential.  Carol also endeavors to help lift the spirits of those who come to church with her inspirationally-guided selection of songs that she plays on the piano for the Sunday service and often in class.