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We are a Christian Spiritualist church, and the oldest Spiritualist church in the US.  We believe in God and Jesus the Christ.  We are a spiritual church.  We feel that working with our spiritual gifts we can receive guidance from God and Jesus the Christ through the Holy Spirit and the ministering angels from God and spiritual guides whom He sends to us along with using our own God-given intelligence.  

We do believe in an afterlife and higher Spirit communication.  Higher Spirit communication

when it is right with God can and does happen between the two worlds.  It is a holy communion that God allows to show us His love for us and the reality of eternal life.  It gives us proof that Spirit communication is real and that it can bring in healing, love, wisdom and beauty.  

We do respect all faiths and recognize that there are different pathways to God.  

Love, kindness and forgiveness are the keys to opening the portals to heaven.


We teach classes and seminars in metaphysical studies, the spiritual laws which include discussions on near death experiences and out-the-body experiences, astral travel. 

We have classes on afterlife communication, mysteries of the afterlife, angels, and developing your spiritual gifts. We also incorporate some of the early New Thought teachings of Emmett Fox and Emily Hopkins.  We have classes in spiritual development and readings.

We have classes on the Bible--teaching about the love of Christ and His spiritual principles--showing how Spirit phenomena is throughout the Bible and explains many of the miracles in the Bible.

We, also, have classes on the principles of vibration and frequency as they apply to spiritual dimensions--an understanding of these principles is the place where science and spirituality meet.


We have church services every Sunday beginning at 10:30 a.m.  Besides having an inspirational lecture, we include a time for meditation, guided meditation and healing and music and singing. Following the service we have fellowship and readings.  Readings are a $5 donation.


Our mission is to help people on their spiritual path to enlightenment and to find their connection to God to help master themselves and find love, happiness and peace in their lives--to help them to quit worrying, release their worries, and work with the spiritual laws to find solutions to problems in their lives.  

Working with their higher self, and their Spirit touching with the Creator helps them to grow in love and transforms their lives which brings to them peace, love, and harmony within themselves.  It also gives them guidance and truth in understanding to cope with their everyday life and to find purpose and meaning.  God is greater than any problem that you face and so are you.  You came to this life with a purpose.  

​You are loved.  When you touch with God, you feel the love from the angel world and the spiritual guides whom He sends you to help heal your life and all of those whom you meet. You have a beautiful soul--and powerful Spirit when it touches with the Divine.


You are welcome to visit with us and take a step toward personal expansion and spiritual renewal– you are invited to join with us at our Sunday service this weekend!

​​SPEAKER FOR SUNDAY SERVICE  The service starts at 10:30 a.m.

We are a 501 (c) (3) religious non-profit organization.  If you wish to donate to New Era Church, click on the Pay Pal Donate button.  Thank you. God bless you for your generosity. It is very much appreciated.

​​Please feel free to give us your prayer requests at

503 263-7252, and we will pray for you, your loved ones and friends.  

On Sunday, June 9, SHARON BAUER will be our guest speaker.  She is an international psychic medium, speaker, and teacher and author of the book "Life Eternal, Love Immortal--A Medium Touched by Love."  She has been providing psychic mediumship sessions for over 25 years and has earned a strong reputation as authentic and credible by being able to communicate information that only you and your deceased loved one(s) would know. 

Sharon's mission:  It's my personal goal to bring forward an awareness of life eternal --how love can change our consciousness and perspective to the value of life and life's purpose for ourselves and all humanity.  If you knew that your life was eternal, would you live your life differently and would your present and what your present purpose change?"   Sharon gives workshops and personalized readings.  She gives readings in-person and over-the-phone.  Her website is:  wwwsharonbauermedium.com.

Prayer Request

​​​     ​   Welcome to New Era Church.  Peace be with you.  

May your life be filled with love, peace, joy and happiness. 

  ​​​New Era Church

Thank you dear friend for visiting our website.  We appreciate you and send our love to you. May you have a wonderful week full of many blessings.

New Era Church Christian Spiritualist


On Sunday, May 26, Rev. Carol Dosch will be the speaker.  She has taught many spiritual development classes and helped many people on their spiritual path.

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Established in 1873